Welcome to Linux Blazon!

April 30, 2008

Yes, Linux Blazon is finally here.

Why Linux Blazon?

In olden times, a blazon is a sign of pride and honor. To wear a Linux Blazon is showing your pride as a Linux user and proud to have one of the most reliable operating systems known to man.

What is this blog all about?

The Head Blazoner has just embarked on a wonderful journey of total discovery and amazement. Although he has been using Linux for years, this new journey presents new challenges, trials, and tribulations that the Head Blazoner would like to share to the rest of the open source world. Sometimes, the Head Blazoner will put up run-of-the-mill tips, tricks, and solutions. But most of the time, will feature the best goodies that he will encounter through his journey.

If you would like to join the Head Blazoner in this journey, or wish to become a Linux Blazoner yourself, feel free to email the Head Blazoner at unixbloke.ph.at.gmail.com.

We wish you good will, best of luck, and welcome to Linux Blazon.


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